Can someone reccomend the best approch for this project

I'd like to have the ability to conrol 4 linear servos from an iphone. Nothing complicated, just 4 buttons in an app that control the servos. (maybe I could customize the design of the app, but not critical).

I found a standard wifi receiver from a hobby shop, but that looks very limited as far as the app control is concerned.

Is this something that arduino can do? IF so, can someone reccomend the needed components for the project?

Thank you in advance for any help.

I've used an ESP8266 to control the motors on a small vehicle from an Android app using the WebSocket protocol (over a WiFi connection). You could use HTTP as well. Take a look at the WeMos D1 mini or NodeMCU, or similar.

A Beginner's Guide to the ESP8266


Or an alternative would be on bluetooth serial.

there are uno/atmega328 boards out there that has on-board bluetooth, like the bluno nano im currently using.

would work exactly like how it would on arduino ide's serial monitor

I think you should look carefully at the iPhone end first and see what apps are appropriate for the job. Bluetooth might be easier but there isn’t that much in it. If you go the WiFi route, you will probably be better of using a Node MCU, as mentioned in reply#1, rather than an actual Arduino.