can the names of the virtual-comports in thedevice-manager-entries be modified

Hi everybody,

I'm working on a project where I have 3 or 4 microcotnrollers connected at the same time to my computer.

Is there any possabilitiy to change the names of the virtual comports in the device-manager? I would like to give them more meaningful names than just COM17, COM19, etc.

best regards Stefan

By "the device-manager", do you mean Windows Device Manager?

Why do you care what they're named in Device Manager?

Which boards are you using?

Yes, you can rename them on devices manager.
You can choose any commport number you want as long as there are not in use.
If they are, you should see it in the list.
Click on properties and advanced

Be very wary of LOCKING com ports to make things easier as there are some caveats !

More so on boards that have dual com ports where you can invoke the BOOTLOADER as a com port.
It has been seen (under windows) to actually disable the boards regular com port as they can on occasion move around.

This was termed creeping com ports and where they creep past com 30 there can be additional com issues.
The most common fix is to reset the com stack which is easy enough in windows at least.

Note that win 10 may require additional steps but a KB fix was supposed to overcome the COM numbers creeping up.

A better way is to have each board always use the same USB port be that on the computer itself, or via a USB HUB if you are running short of USB ports and then only use the one USB port on your computer.

The RESET method outlined can also be used to just see what ports are actually in current usage.