Can you ID these motor gears?

Hi all:
I am looking into re-engineering an existing pan/tilt camera device, since I am using it for an “off label” purpose. My plan is to replace the DC motors and associated gearbox with steppers.

I am attaching the information from the mfr (ProAm USA) on the two gears being used. The diagrams list teeth, module, various diameters and shaft size, but the few manufacturers I have been able to find online want to know pitch and pressure angle.

I need to get a gear similar to the small 14 tooth one, to work with the existing 95 tooth one. The bore is TBD depending upon what stepper motor I find.

What I really need from those more experienced than me (translate to everybody) is to identify the necessary specs from the small gear in the diagrams so that I can find a similar one for the stepper motor.

Thanks so much for your help.

Here’s another specification graphic of the small gear only…

That information is exactly the description of the gears you want. If a manufacturer will not tell you if their gear matches, find another distributor. Otherwise the gears will be noisy and will wear rapidly.
Chances are the gears were made by a company just for your project and were not off-the-shelf gears.

Module is 0.8, so 95 teeth give a pitch diameter of 95*0.8 = 76.

Presumably ISO (metric) module given those numbers...

BTW your two diagrams disagree on root circle for the small gear.

I would probably replace both. Servocity has a good selection of matched gears, with a variety of pitches, diameters and hub bores.