Cannot Initialize SD Card

Hi, I am trying to get an 8gb SD Card initialized using an Adafruit datalogger shield (newer version) with the built in "CardInfo" program, but I am having no luck. Whenever I attempt to run the program, I get the following error:

 Initializing SD card...initialization failed. Things to check:
* is a card inserted?
* is your wiring correct?
* did you change the chipSelect pin to match your shield or module?

So far I have tried the following: -Changing the chipSelect pin to 10 (I am using an Adafruit datalogger shield) -Downloading and installed the most recent version of the SD Card library -Replacing all of my components (datalogger shield, Arduino Uno, SD card) with new ones.

I formatted the 8gb SD card through:

I am using an Arduino Uno and Arduino IDE version 1.8.7 for reference.

Have you looked at the jumpers at the bottom of the shield. Perhaps they need to be shorted to work