Cannot load provided drivers

Uno R3 Hardware ID: USB\VID_2341&PID_0043&REV_0001 I cannot load any of the provided drivers into my lab. PC. I am getting and error (Code 28) with the provided driver(s). No driver loads. All USB ports are free and open.

I am using a PC in my lab. with: Windows 7 ver. 6.1.7601 Pk 1, build 7601. The System Type, x86-based PC. 1GB RAM and 160 GB H.Drive. This is a dedicated PC with very little loaded SW except Arduino.

Arduino ver. 1.6.12 with serial chip Mega16U2. Uno R3 was bought on this site, not a clone.

Uno board and cable is good since it loads sketches with another Windows 7 PC having same SW version but is x64 based.

I have also tested this Uno R3 with an Apple Mac and can load and run sketches with no problem.

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