Cannot open sketch

I am working on the National Youth Science Day (NYSD) challenge called incredible Wearables. It uses Sparkfun components (ESP8266 Thing Dev, MAX30105 Particle Sensor and a tilt sensor). They come programmed already but if using more than 4, the code in Arduino has to be changed so it broadcasts a specific SSID name. I have downloaded the NYSD Firmware but everytime I try to use it, it says cannot open sketch. It asks me if I want to create the folder for the sketch when I extract the files and then says it can't do it. I have been through the troubleshooting through the NYSD site but it is minimal. I am very new to arduino and am struggling to figure this out!

Got link?

Does it really say, "I can't do it"? What operating system is this? It doesn't say something a little more specific?

Hi, A link to the firmware would help.

The problem you have is the IDE is being asked to load a ,ino from a directory that is not an IDE created directory. Usually saying yes to create a directory will fix it.

Is the firmware in a zip or compressed file. If so [u]extract it first[/u], don't just double click on the .ino file while it is still in the zip file.

That is what I have found.

Tom... :)

I suspect that the culprit is that the directory name and the sketch name must match. A sketch 'abc.ino' should be in the directory 'abc'.