Cannot run WifiNina Firmware Update sketch

I tried to update the firmware for the NINA W102 BLE module on my custom Nano IoT 33. I had a clone of this device designed and assembled, but with a few extra ICs, and I left out the Crypto chip and the IMU.

I followed the instructions here: (WifiNina 1.5.0 library installed - the latest). Every time I hit “Update Firmware” (see screenshot), I get an error message, “Programmer Not Responding. Make sure that FirmwareUpdater sketch is loaded on the board.” even though I have successfully loaded the sketch. (Also by the way, I have the latest version of Arduino IDE (1.8.13)).

To dig deeper, I uploaded the sketch via a debugger, and found that it is stuck in this loop of the FirmwareUpdater sketch:

if (!ESP32BootROM.begin(921600)) {
Serial.println(“Unable to communicate with ESP32 boot ROM!”);
while (1);
The closest available solution on the internet to this problem is here and it did not work for me (still receive the same error, and I think that solution is outdated anyway).

It looks like it’s having trouble connecting with the BLE chip and I can’t figure out whether it means I’ve designed the PCB wrong/the manufacturer made a mistake during assembly (unlikely because I triple checked the Nano IoT 33’s circuit schematic, but it’s still possible) OR I’m doing something wrong software-wise. Can someone please advise? And please keep in mind I’m an Arduino newbie (but long term software developer)!

No replies? Did I post in the wrong section?

Hello, I posted this topic and couldn’t get any responses in the forum. I’m looking to pay for an hour (or few) of someone’s time to take a look at my issue with a custom Arduino board I had developed.

If you’re interested, experienced, and think you can help, please let me know your availability and rate.

Problem is, everybody wanting to help will need the board you are using. I'm sorry, I don't have it. If I did, I could help :slight_smile: