Canon flash shoe electrical specs


I'm building a lightning trigger for my Canon EOS 1000D.

I was thinking that it'd be nice to power the arduino with the Camera itself, and I was wandering if I could do it using the flash shoe. I have no clue what happens there, as there are several contacts.

Does anybody knows if it's feasible, and if so where I can find the electrical specs?


You might want to take a look at this:

He's done some amazing stuff using a Canon.

I doubt that the flash shoe provides any power, just signalling, I'd've thought, since flashguns have their own batteries.

Pity yours is an SLR, some of the P&S can do lightning triggering themselves with CHDK:

Thanks both.

Yes, I thought it was just signalling...but i hoped not;)

I also have a compact digital, which I already "modded" with the CHDK. A pity there's no CHDK for a DSLR...but that's the reason why I'm using an arduino to build the lightning trigger...

That opened me the doors of this fantastic Arduino world:)