Can't find a high voltage high power H-Bridge

In attempting to do 2 things at once (step up voltage AND modulate power), I achieved nothing more than a shitty looking waveform and some noise at the end of my circuit. Therefore, I am considering doing it in 2 stages. First step up with a simple 50-50 square wave across my transformer and then after rectifying I can PWM that into the final wave and it should look much better than the way I was trying to do it. However this create a new problem in that now I need a high voltage H-Bridge, whereas before I was doing everything a low voltage one.

I have found a couple of reference boards that seem to do this but very very spotty results and lacking the current specs I'm after.

So basically I'm looking for this but with a 200+V rating and 2-3amps:

I need an H-bridge, motor driver or whatever equivalent that can handle 200V or more source voltage and also >2 amps, preferably 2.5 or 3A. Does anybody already know of such an IC or board? The more integrated, the better, so I don't have to run into a dozen problems just getting it to work. I've checked sites like Pololu already and they don't have anything in the 200V regime that I could find. Thanks.

You could start building one. This N mosfet SiHA6N80AE
has an RDS(on) under 1 ohm and can handle 800 volts and 5 amps. I guess it would need a largish heat sink even with just your quoted 2 amps.

I could build one, but I already tried that for a 24V version and it literally blew up in my face. I don't doubt that I can grasp the concept and follow a schematic but experience tells me that I achieve shoddy results when I try to re-invent the wheel. In order to prevent a red herring from misdirecting me to some problem I created myself, I'd rather have a solid, tested product to work with so that if a problem does arise there are fewer failure modes to check.

I guess this means 200V h-bridges don't commercially exist?

Ever searched for "dc motor drive" or "dc motor controller"? Lots of industrial units are made.

Here's a 200V 6A motor driver on ebay for $220.

They also sell on Amazon.

Mark: Yes I have searched. I wouldn't embarass myself by asking for something I'd put no effort into. The problem is I don't know what syntax to search for or where I should be searching, whereas you do.

I type "200V H-Bridge" into google because I don't know any better and I get nothing, so I change it to 300V and then 400V and then I change the search string to motor driver... etc etc. I keep getting dead ends. So if I'm asking here, it means I don't know where all these industrial products are and I'm probably not getting them in search results because I don't know what syntax to search for or even if they will show up in google.

It didn't immediately occur to me to follow up the "DC motor drive" syntax because that's less exact of a match to what I want than H-Bridge is, however it can be perfectly relevant so I will follow that up now that you mentioned it.

John: Appreciate the link. I'll check around for similar products. $220 USD is wayyyy too expensive for what the thing ought to do in my opinion but maybe I'll come across something less "consumer" looking.

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