Can't get this 0.96' OLED working

Hello everyone
I've bough this display

And I can't get this working. This display looks different than any other discussed here, it has 7 pins (VCC,GND,D0,D1,DC,RES,CS) and it's supposed to work in i2c, 3spi and 4spi.
Luckily on the ebay page there are front and back pictures so you can check there what's set for.
It looks set to 4spi to me.

In tried various libraries I could find on the internet but none worked yet. I can assume display is not broken as a short circuit between the VCC and GND pins makes the display "go nuts" and display gibberish (as well as "hello world" for a few seconds).

Thanks for help

It should work with u8glib.
D0 = SPI Clock
D1 = SPI Data (MOSI)
D/C = A0 (in u8glib)
CS = chip select
RES = reset

Try SSD1306 and SH1106 constructor.