Can't see the COM Port on the Arduino IDE

Hi, I have an Arduino RAMBo connected to my Toshiba QOSMIO on Port COM 3 (according to Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit) but when I try to assign the port on the Arduino IDE, there are many ports but no COM 3. I have spent the whole day researching about this with no good answers. I have tried to upload the MARLIN Firmware to the board on each of the ports listed but no luck there.

Is there a way to reset the Arduino IDE so it can see all the COM Ports? I was using a USB Hub before and I was able to connect the RAMBo and my HP 2680 to COM Port 4, but this shared port was causing serious problems on the HP printer, so I decided to eliminate the hub and install each printer directly to the computer. The Printers are the HP 2680 ((Photosmart) and Ez3D Phoenix 3D with the Arduino RAMBo.

I don't know programming so I would like some step by step instructions to force the Arduino IDE to see the right port., since Windows does


there are many ports but no COM 3.

Have you looked in device manager to see if your board is being identified as a com port?