Can't upload any sketch to a Wemos D1 with Arduino IDE

Hi all,

I need your help. I am trying for hours to upload a sketch to a Wemos D1 board with Arduino IDE on a MacBook Pro with usb hub and latest Mojave release, and it fails every time :frowning:

I don’t think this issue is due to the connection itself since when I use esptools in command line I can retrieve info from the board.

Here are a couple of screen shots to illustrate my issue. Hope you can help! Thank you

There are a few posts regarding that particular version of the OS

I am sure you answer will be in there.

BTW i used the little magnifying glass / SEARCH (top right) to get those links.


Ok I've fixed the issue.

I was using the wrong card type, my card is using an ESP32 and I set up IDE to use ESP8266...
I installed the ESP32 library and chose "Wemos loin 32" and now it works like a charm.

Thank you ballscrewbob for your answer.