Can't upload anything to Mega 2560

I have an arduino mega 2560 in use for a 3d printer but every time I try to upload Marlin I get a message saying "Arduino: 1.6.4 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino Mega 2560

"Sketch uses 50,450 bytes (19%) of program storage space. Maximum is 258,048 bytes.

Global variables use 2,943 bytes of dynamic memory.

Error while uploading: missing 'upload.tool' configuration parameter"

So does this mean I can only upload to the board using a physical usb programmer? Because if so that's really stupid that know one could tell me before I bought the stupid thing. And if it helps, the green led that says "on" is stationary, but the "L" LED is flashing red. And I can't even upload the simple code called blink