Capacitive wall switch

I have searched the forum with no luck (probably cause I am a beginner)

I am trying to build a wall switch to control the lights in a room without having to touch a light switch. (A friend of mine is disabled and touching objects causes severe pain.)

Can someone point me in the right direction about how to accomplish this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ultrasonic Range Finder?

This Instructable might help get you started.

Thanks for the help.. I have been reading like crazy. I found a library for the software called "capsense" which is awesome. I can get this working and I can get a relay to control the line voltage side of the circuit to turn the lighting on and off.

The only question i have left is the code to make the board turn the relay on and off. This is probably easy for your guys. This code is new to me... I usually program logical controls for motor centers.. whole different world :)

i seen this the other day, Sonovox Lazy Light, Voice Recognition Wall Switch, New