Car computer based on arduino?

Hello, I'm planning to make a car computer with functions like fuel consumption, speed, diagnostic (kind of) and some outher functions Maybe there is smilar project? or maybe someone will help me with this? (I'm green in electronics)

There is a related project. Check out the MPGuino

i see it now :D can you tell me is that posoble to display values in litres per 100km ? Or I'll need to change the code?

I don't know specifically, as I have not ever put together an MPGuino. However, I would say it would be easy enough to do with a minor code change. The system taps into your car's computer to get report information regarding it's output. It should be easy enough to change the reporting from Mpg to KpL. Just some simple math.

thank You:)

If you have a GM or Chryser vehicle, you may want to check out this page.. Works great.. athough I just started playing and I am only running his code and I haven't added to it..

I compiled it for both 8Mhz and 16Mhz since I didn't have the frequency he had it set up for.. It works fine on either, but I have a little bit of glitching using the bluetoth wireless with the 8Mhz internal oscillator.. it does work fine using a usb to serial or serial direct, but the bluetooth had trouble.. The 16Mhz worked fine with both the bluetooth and modified Fonera router I have converted to serial wireless.. Kinda neat to be able to play with the OBD2 data stream wireless from inside the house on the laptop..

If you end up working on getting this to work with arduino as a library, LET ME KNOW!!! :) Thinkin that may be a little above me, but that is my goal when I get some time..

I own mazda 323 1.4 maybe someone know the proper injection values ?