Car sensor project


I've been thinking for a while how I'd like to have a setup of car sensors, that can monitor various sensors and display them on one display unit. In a perfect world I could include warning limits.

The sensors would include various temp, pressure, vacuum, voltage and of there's an exhaust gas temp sensor.

I've got absolutly no experience with Arduino units, but would love to try if you think it's possible for a newbie to do this and if in fact an Arduino unit is suitable?

Thanks for any help,


Your first step should be to familiarise yourself with the Arduino programming and electronics.

Learn to read sensors and output to whatever display you want to use. Do one thing at a time and once you know the basics, add more complex program or devices.

As always, we are available to help with a problem, not to do the whole project.


Hi Weedpharma,

Thank you. I'm totally happy to learn but I just wanted to know if the Arduino kit is suitable for such a project?



Yes, as long as you get the right sensors and don't expect a full HD screen or something :)

Arduino is a good solution for this. Like Weedpharma said, get to know arduino first before diving straight in.

There would be two ways of doing this, just taping into the sensors you want or you could read the CAN-bus. The latter would be very complicated for a beginner but your possibilities would be endless when completed.

have a look at this!

Thanks guys.

Greensprings, sadly my car doesn't have OBD2, that's why I want something that I can add sensors too ;)