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I'm new to Arduino and are in need of some help. I have a project in mind but don't know where to start or what to buy, I am on a budget as I'm only a poor apprentice. For my project I would like to create an almost complete car system to start of with, - Engine Temperature - Speed - Miles

These are the first 3 main things I require and they must be visible on a display unit. I have looked on the internet and found that 4 line LCD monitor that could display this. I could also add time on one of the lines if I really fancied it but that's not important. I just need the Engine temperature, speed and miles. So I am unsure what I need to get to achieve this so if anyone out there could help me I would appreciate it. I have a budget of about £50 I do need these items rather soon so can't wait to long for delivery.

Is this for use in a project car, like a gutted VW with no dashboard, or something modern that you can pick off OBD-2 (OBD-II)? What's the situation? Get it all out in the open.

Its a college project for the shell eco car challenge I have decided I am going to look at the electrical side of the car. Which includes: - Speed - Distance - Temperature - Light system - Emergency stop

They are the key things I can think off right now, but I wouldn't mind putting a system like this in my VW.

I think you better use Google and do some research on what it takes to interface with a vehicle. It all depends on the car on how you will accomplish your goal. There are many blogs and such where people successfully integrated an Arduino into a car.

FYI, you were asked to give more details on your project so members can help, yet you have given no more.

But I am not looking to build in into an existing car yet I need to build one for car that hasn't been built. I need to look at ways of how to monitor the rotation of the axial so I can calculate the distance and speed. I also need to look at ways to monitor temperature of the small lawn mower engine that will be on the back. As well as wiring in a lighting system and an emergency stop that will stop all function of this car. And if I really want to push the boat out I could possibly look into setting up an automated window wipers just encase it rains. That's what I would like to do, so I imagine i need to build a speedometer. I'm hoping I can use an Arduino board and monitor, which will tell me the distance and speed. But I am unsure what kit to buy to get the job done as there are so many different types out there.

But I am unsure what kit to buy to get the job done as there are so many different types out there.

Get an arduino mega like below and start testing your ideas and learning how the board works.

But if I get the board don't I still need specific sensors like a hall sensor, temperature sensor, lux sensor and a way of knowing if the sensors work and the figures correct. So wouldn't I need a monitor of some sort? I have looked on ebay and I found a few kits with a monitor and the sensors don't look to expensive, but don't want to be buying one that won't get the job done. I like the mega it looks like it gives me the freedom to expand in the future but the only kits with a monitor for them are sainsmart. What is a sainsmart is it an additional arduino component or is it a different make completely? Are they a good or do they have the tenancy to fail?

We are not going to tell you how to begin. That is up to you. It is YOUR project. Search around on Google and see how other people have done it. Use that information to get the sensors YOU need. Once you get your project going and have a specific problem, then you can ask here.

PC101, I don't think there's a kit available with everything you call out. I don't know that a Mega is essential. SainSmart is an open source "clone" manufacturer, there are many. I suggest you start by getting a handle on the fundamentals. If you do even some casual searching for "hall sensor" and "temp sensor" in google or over at the Arduino Playground, you'll find many examples for each.

I'm not asking for you to do the project for me, all I'm asking is a bit of guidance which isn't go on google because believe it or not I have done that I have tried to research previous projects of this type but was unable to find any useful information. The help I was after was what boards would allow me to do what I want and general guidance of what kind of sensors I should be looking for. Now I have an idea of what to get thanks for the help. Does anyone know of a site were I can get boards cheap and the delivery isn't going to take ages.

PCrossley101: ...was unable to find any useful information.

That is hard to believe.

codlink if you think there is useful information out there for my project then please feel free to forward it on to me. But I have looked and have been unable to find any useful information that would link to my project thats why I started this post so unless your going to be helpful can you please stop posting comments on here.

None of the things you mention so far seem particularly difficult or unusual, and the only sticking point I can see is that your budget seems too small. The simplest solution would be to buy a UNO with an LCD display shield but that won't leave you much money for the other hardware you'll need to provide a stable power supply, pushbuttons/enclosures, any driver circuits needed for your RPM/roadspeed inputs, rain sensors, drivers for wiper motors and so on.

Perhaps you'd best start with the minimal solution and then expand on it according to your remaining enthusiasm, time and funds.

Perhaps you'd best start with the minimal solution and then expand on it according to your remaining enthusiasm, time and funds.

Yes, "Stepwise Refinement" is a good approach and Arduino makes that easy with quick code and test.

Kits: See some of: and sensors here:

See some How-To starting here: http://ArduinoInfo.Info

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