CH340 driver problem

I have purchased an Arduino compatible UNO R3 with CH340 chip. When I try to load the driver I get the message "The Drive is successfully pre-installed in advance". However, when I then plug in the UNO as instructed, it does not appear in device manager, and it cannot be used.
In device manager I only have COM1, and COM3 which is what my genuine working Arduino uses (com3 is hidden). It seems to me that this may be the problem and that I need to create another com port for the clone to use. However all the methods I Googled to create an extra com port have not worked. If I try to use the delete option in the CH340 installer (this was recommended to delete any existing driver) I get "No device found". Have looked at questions on this forum but has not helped.
Win10 Arduino 1.8.13 Any suggestions please.

That is normal.

The CH340 should show as shown below.


You might have a damaged cable; does the same cable work with the other Unos?
Your clone might also be bad for some reason.

If your other Uno is not connected, you should not see COM3.

Not sure if I can help further.

Thanks Sterretje.
I have a win XP laptop also, and I have now got it to work on that. But till not on my win10 laptop no matter what I do.

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