CH340G Drivers for Windows 11


I'm trying to connect one of my old CH340G Nanos to the Arduino IDE - I remember that there were some drivers required for Win10 - but those won't get installed on Win11.

Even after some searching I did not fing Win11 compatible drivers.

Does anyone know if there is a Win11 driver for the CH340G?

Out of interest, would you mind providing more details about that? Is there an error message you get when you try to install the drivers? If so, please post the text of the error message.

There ist no error message - just the COM port of the Nano is not recognized.

Btw.: I just found a way to get the win10 drivers that are available on a number of sites installed.

  1. get and unpack the win10 drivers to some folder on your HDD
  2. check your Windows Device Manager
  3. a connected Nano will show under "Ports" as CH340 device (without a COM port)
  4. right click and uninstall the device with everything
  5. dis- and re-connect the Nano - it will again show up in the device manager
  6. right click and search for new drivers on local HDD - find the folder with drivers from step one

Now the device will show up with a COM port

I'm glad to hear you were able to install the CH340 Driver. Enjoy!

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