Change Bluetooth name on assembled receiver

Hi all.

I have been building a little project, a Bluetooth card installed inside a rubber toy. Its called blueSheep.
Or BaaTooth. ::slight_smile:

The card is out of this Jaycar receiver.

I googled changing Bluetooth name and came across this. Arduino looks pretty cool anyway, so I bought the Freetronics Eleven.

I would like to follow the instructions in the post I mentioned above, but Im not sure I even have what they referred to as a module? Is every Bluetooth receiver also called a module? As you can see from the photo I am using the whole PCB I pulled out of the Jaycar receiver, to utilise the 3.5mm audio out and micro USB power in. The Bluetooth name discoverable on my phone is currently “AA2087” - can I change it using the Arduino? Do I need to have a close look on the PCB to identify what sort of Bluetooth chip/module/whatever it is? I am new to electronics but loving it, fine with software.





Please tell me if this is in the wrong section of the forum.