Changing Serial Plotter Colors?

Is there any way we can change the serial plotter colors?

Can you elaborate on your situation a little more?


  1. Open the file at this path with a text editor:
    <Arduino IDE installation folder>/lib/theme/theme.txt
  2. The plotter line colors are configured by the lines start with plotting.
    Change the hex values of the colors you want to modify.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the Arduino IDE if it is running.

The instructions above modify the theme in place in the Arduino IDE installation. This is not ideal because all changes will be lost every time you update to a new version of the IDE, meaning you would need to repeat the process after update. It is possible to install your custom theme to your sketchbook folder, where it will persist through Arduino IDE updates. There are instructions for that here:

:exclamation: These instructions only apply to Arduino IDE 1.x. Arduino IDE 2.x has a completely different and theme system.

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Can you provide a screen shot of the steps please? Thanks!

No. Why would I post pictures of words?

Follow my instructions. If you get stuck or it doesn't work then come back here, provide a detailed explanation of the problem, and I'll help you out.