Changing the Name


I have an Arduino Uno and when I plug the little guy in, I get a notification telling me I've got an "Arduino Uno" plugged in. (I'm using windows 7)

Now when I go to control panel -> Device and Printers and I look up my arduino there, I want it to say something else. I want to know how to change that name. Lets say I want to change it from "Arduino Uno" to "Death Star One"..

Any one have any Ideas on this?

Thanks guys.

never done this, but I would try the following steps: - remove the current driver. - download the driver without installing - patch the driver somewhere ( possibly .inf file) - install it manually.

no guarantees ;) let us know if it works

did some reinstalling and it works!

goto - C:\Program Files (x86)\arduino-1.0.4\drivers - edit - arduino.inf change the line :"Arduino Xno" or"Arduino Yno"

reinstalled the driver manually and my UNO appears as "Arduino Xno (Com31)" in the device manager

Beautiful. Magnificent. Amazing.

Thank you robtillaart so much!..
really appreciate this!!