Cheap LED problem

I bought some RGB 5mm 8kmcd LEDs off ebay, arrived in the mail friday. They have a viewing angle of 25 degrees. Got it hooked up and realized how cheap they were. Each color points off in a different direction. With the LED sitting on the table, the color spots on the ceiling are about 2-3' feet from center to center between blue and green, red in the middle. With a color fading script on the arduino-based controller "Ardweeny", the colors don't blend at all, except for where the color spots intersect. But its not a clean mix like I've seen in videos on youtube, and the separation of color is really obvious in fog.

Somehow, I need a cheap solution to getting the LED to point in a single direction, and have the colors mix evenly. Right now my best idea is to use a reflector, like out of the older style flashlights, something fairly narrow. Of course I cant find any, so my only thought is to melt and form plastic from plastic bottles into the appropriate shape, maybe get a mold of some sort to help. But I'm thinking attempting to melt the bottles aint the best idea, even if I do it outside. And of course I dont mean melt into a completely liquid shape, but soft enough to mold.

I'd need about 50 reflectors or whatever, and I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on this. I'm trying to get a nice clean spot beam effect, that shows up nicely in a fog. Does anybody have any ideas that could help?

Also, I've now tried hooking up my piranha style RGB leds, trying to mix a yellow color. I've got the output on the red pin to 245, and the green pin to 80. I've got a bit of a yellow strip in the middle of what it shines out, but solid red and solid green on either side. Did I buy the cheapest go***mn leds out there? I've seen videos of RGB leds going thru the color wheel, shining onto a table and the colors blend perfectly!

All RGB LEDs are like this, the ones you see on You Tube all have some sort of diffuser. The longer the beam throw the further apart the colours will be. See how much better it is just through a piece of paper held next to it.

I have found yellow a hard colour to make with RGB LEDs try red = 4095 green = 800 blue = 0.

Think the LEDs in this 3X3X3 RGB LED Cube PIC - YouTube are just sanded or coated in a slight frosting?

I've sanded mine and it did make a big improvement, but I lost most of the beam in fog. I grouped 3 together and got a bit of it back. I've also made a rudimentary 'whitebox' with a small tube of white printer paper. This helps it blend a bit as well.

Wrote a sketch that cycles thru a few colors: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, white. Then does those colors in a fairly quick flash 50 times, fades from white to black, then starts over. It works perfectly when hooked up via USB to my computer. But when disconnect the USB and bring the breadboard to another part of the room on the floor where the fog can reach it better, and to another 5V power supply, and it refuses to work properly... skips the first red and green, flashes really fast, does a wierd fade out, and at one point stopped completely. The only thing that changed was removing the USB connection and switching to a 5V regulated power supply connected to the breadboard.
I have ground connected on both sides of my ardweeny to the breadboard negative, and the positive to the +. Only other connections are the pins for the LEDs.

The only thing that changed was removing the USB connection and switching to a 5V regulated power supply connected to the breadboard.

So when you move it back does it work again? Although you think that is all you have done there is probably something else that is not right.

I've had weird problems arise when using a power supply which wasn't quite up to what it seemed to be. Try a different power supply, and see if the bad behavior persists.

(When was having my problems, the power supply SEEMED to be producing what it was "supposed" to... maybe there were fast drop-outs, too brief to twitch my meter, but enough to upset the circuit?)

Grumpy_Mike: Yeah when i move it back it works perfectly again.

I can try a different power supply. The one that seems to be causing problems is a cheap wall plugin transformer that goes thru a linear regulator ,7805. I'll try and get a converted PSU going and see if that power supply works better.