Chromebook web ide does not detect arduino nano33 iot


Trying to use the Arduino Nano33 IoT with a Chromebook. I pointed to Arduino Cloud, as first time redirected to install the Chrome Extension. Later open again The Arduino Editor online, but it can't detect the board.

I opened crosh and ran dmesg. The nano33 board is not detected. So, I connect an Arduino One, it shows on dmesg, but can't detect it on the Arduino Editor.

Now I lost: extension is enabled, web ide is running, but no board is detected.

Google Chrome Versión 90.0.4430.218 (Build oficial) (64 bits)
Arduino Create Chrome app Versión; ID=elmgohdonjdampbcgefphnlchgocpaij
Locale is Spanish/Mexico

I really appreciate your advice.

Best regards.

Make sure the USB cable is completely plugged into both the Arduino board and the PC.

You may have a damaged/defective or charge-only USB cable. Try a different cable.

Either of the above can result in the power connections being made (and thus LED lights on the board), but no data connections (and thus no detection for the board).

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