Circuit simulation and code windows - software

Hi, I have seen this software that allows you to run a full simulation and step through your code with it. I have been searching for this but I can't find anything. Please see attached.

Can anyone please suggest where I can download or buy this from?

Thanks, Daniel.

You need to sign up for a autodesk account.

It is the only simulation that I use, because it is the only simulation that works. It has limitations, but it is fun to try small things.

An old slow computer might have troubles, because the simulation needs a fast browser/computer.

Click on the left: Circuits
Make a new circuit.
Give it a better name in the upper-left corner.
Drag the Arduino Uno from the right into the workspace.
Click "Blocks" and select "Text" for a normal sketch.
You will see a sketch to blink a led. Start the simulation and check if you see the 'L' led blinking.

Brilliant, thank you