Doubt in Arduino simulation using Tinkercad

Being a beginner, I was learning how to use Tinkercad to simulate circuits, but when I opened my code editor, I couldn't proceed further. I had watched several videos on how to use Tinkercad, to upload a simple blink code to Arduino UNO and make LED blink, but on my screen, I couldn't find the "upload and run" button and couldn't upload the code to the Arduino. Can anyone help me understand how to use the Code Editor

I am used to hardware circuits, with help of a USB cable I can upload code to the Arduino after writing the code in Arduino IDE, how can I do the same in Tinkercad, can anyone help me out?

What about reading the documentation or googling for tutorials? Too lazy to do so?
Did you click on the code button and then on the blocks pulldown menu and/or start simulation button?

I got it!!

I was also a fan of Tinkercad. There is another free Arduino simulator

I have been using it for a year and I have never been felt left out. There is a real good support for the beginners here (Wokwi )

Give it a try.

You code like how you do with Normal IDE. You also connect in the similar way (how you do it in real-world using wires)

Here is the home page

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