Clark Rife Parasite Zapper using Arduino Nano

For anyone interested, you can build your own Clark Rife Parasite Zapper for under $30. These go for over $200+ online. It’s nice to have your own to program in various frequency patterns to use. I use Sam Knights arduino PWM library for the frequency generator. You’ll have to pump the PWM I/O output into a transistor (2n2222) amplifier to achieve a ~8v square wave. I designed mine to use a 9v battery or 9v DC jack. The hardware works great and the PWM output signal is pretty clean. You can buy the copper pipes at Lowes =)

These are the freq patterns I have programmed into mine. I use a binary LED set to tell me what mode is selected. You can also configure the hardware to set a favorite mode and delay times between frequency changes.

1 Rife Mode 1
2 Rife Mode 2
3 Rife 3 Anti-bacterial/fungal
4 Rife 4 Anti-fungal
5 Rife 5 Anti-viral
6 Rife 6 Anti-fungal
7 Rife 7 Infections
8 *Rife 8 Clark mode
9 *Rife 8 MX mode 2Khz
10 Rife Klebsiella
11 Rife Helminths
12 Rife Borrelia/Rickettsia
13 Rife Immuno/TLV
14 Rife 10kHz Pain relief
15 *Rife 2.5 kHz Colds, Flu
16 *Rife 30kHz Inflammation
17 Rife Headaches
18 Rife Cancer Set 1
19 Rife Cancer Set 2
20 Rife Liver & Kidney
21 Rife Arthritis
22 Rife Chemtrail detox
23 Rife Ear infection
24 Rife Ebola virus

Great work, I'm a Arduino beginner, I have been test basic zapper (only one frequency not all rife like you) but when I hold the electrodes pipes the oscilloscope signal distorts, the square wave lose the form and noisy signal appears.

can you help me how to fix it?

Thank you

I was wondering if there is a schematic and arduino code for this? I am new to this site and do not see a link anywhere.



Great work. I made a rife machine for my fiances chronic Lyme issues and it seems to help. I found a simple frequency generator on ebay and coupled it with a simple stereo amplifier.

I'd be curious to see your sketch as we have a few of our friends from the Lyme support group that have been curious.

hi, great work, could you share schematics and sketch? thanks paolo