CO2 Sensor MH-Z16 without interface module.


I have a module MH-Z16 to meassure CO2, you can see here:

I am searching for tutorials and videos, but there i see that i need an interface i2C/UART to connect with Arduino.

Can i use the sensor without the interface or is a must?


According to the datasheet I found, the sensor has a UART interface, so a level converter to 3V3 should be enough if you want to access just one these sensors. As the sensor uses a baud rate of 9600 you should use an Arduino that has a hardware serial interface to connect the sensor. So if you want to have your PC connected while reading the sensor, use a MegaXXXX model or a Leonardo.

for future reference a mh-z19 will ouput via pwm directly to an arduino, no need for an interface module