Code libraries & gibberish - SHARP LM5Q32 lcd assistance needed.

Hello everyone

I'm new to coding, well a bit rusty so just starting from scratch again. I've managed to salvage 3 Sharp LM5Q32 5" displays from my work from redundant devices. My first thing I want to do is to test whether these units still work so I was hoping to just color in the LCD one color to confirm this.

The display has a parallel interface that operates from 5V logic. It's 240 line with 320 pixels per line with each pixal being RGB, so 960 inputs per line. It's got a 24V connection on the 20pin connector as well as on the back light tube. Then there is a 5V input on the 20 pin connector to power the display driver on the LCD itself. 5 off the 20 pins are used for grounding.

It's got a "scan stat-up signal - YD" input to move to a new line once a line is completed (Must receive a high pulse of 5V for a min. time of 100 ns)
It's got a "input latch signal - LP" input to signal when the line have been completed (Must receive a high pulse of 5V for a min. time of 100 ns)
It's got a "data input clock signal - XCK" to signal when the parallel data have been relayed successfully and that you can move on to the next byte of data. (Must receive a high pulse of 5V for a min. time of 35 ns)
It's got a "display control signal - DISP" which can be used in conjunction with a power switch, still 5V in to trigger the display on or off.

With 960 inputs per line it means that XCK must be clocked 120 times i.e. 960 / 8 = 120.

I was hoping to be able to use Lady Yada's library (2.8" TFT Touchscreen - 320x240 pixels in 16 bit color) but it is all a bit gibberish to me so I was hoping that someone would be able to tell me whether I will be able to use it or not? The difference I've noted is that I don't see a move to new line command or line finished command or something along that line? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone


Other specifications:
Panel Type: CSTN LCD Panel
Resolution: 320(RGB)x240QVGA
Display Mode: STN, Normally black, Transmissive
Responce Time: 150/50 (Typ.)(Tr./Td)

OK so I've been doing a LOT of research on the question that I've posted previously and it seems that I've had it all wrong. I need a LCD driver IC for the STN LCD which is what I'm currently researching. I will post an update when I manage to make some progress again.

Have you made any progress on this?

Hello Sir

I have dropped this as I figured out that the LCD panel that I’ve salvaged doesn’t have an on-board driver. What this means is that I will have to get a driver IC and interface it with the LCD panel. This was too much of an effort and the driver IC was more expensive then a small mono color GLCD 128 x 64 pixels that was more than enough for what I required for my project.