Code will not compile on my computer but compiles on another

I am developing a code for an IOT project with AES encryption. Every time I try to compile, it gives me the error “‘base64_enc_len’ was not declared in this scope”. However, the function is clearly defined within my base64 library. This code compiles and works perfectly fine with another person’s computer (the person who made the code).

We have the exact same libraries, same version number, and code. If anyone knows whats going on, please help me out.

Attached is the code and its libraries.

mqtt_LED_wifi_encryption.ino (17.8 KB)

If you post a sketch that so heavenly relies on libraries it's a good thing to link to them as well. And more important, post the whole error message. You removed a very important part, the line number/file at/in which the error occurs.