Compilation Failed Message

I am compiling and trying to configure my Arduino board for the first time. I am getting a compilation error message... what can I do to solve this problem?

Can you share your code and the specific error? I'm pretty new to Arduino also, but I'm sure that would help. :slight_smile:

this is my sketch link.. can you view my sketch ?

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Looks like just some general syntax errors!
In thingProperties.h:

const char THING_ID           = "60456d45-7b7a-4359-aaec-40fd94292587";

Should be...

const char THING_ID[]           = "60456d45-7b7a-4359-aaec-40fd94292587";

And, in Temperature_And_Humidity_Monitor, you forgot the semicolon.


Should be...


Whenever you have issues with verification, you can drag up the output and take a look at the errors closely. Does this work?

Hi.. Yah it worked..

Thank you so much for your help.. :slight_smile:

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The code is fine now and these codes are synched to the board as well.. but I am not getting the output in my dashboard.. is there any specific reason for that ?

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Well, I personally haven't used Arduino Cloud before, so I'm not sure - all I could suggest is to change the Serial.print() and Serial.println() to a value you know should appear - like Serial.println("Hello World!") or something.

Make sure your baud rates match too! I've had that issue with my own project recently.

actually this is not Arduino board.. this is nodeMCU board.. do you know any solution for this ? I still cannot get the output in the dashboard..

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