compilation problem

Hi everyone, I've been trying to compile some code and am stuck on some messages that I don't understand. I'm using a macbookpro under MacOsX 10.6.6 and arduino 022. When I try to compile a C++ library installed in ~/Documents/Arduino/library/Test/examples/doing_something/doing_something.pde, this is what I get as a result. doing_something.cpp:1:18: error: Test.h: No such file or directory doing_something:9: error: 'Test' does not name a type doing_something.cpp: In function 'void loop()': doing_something:17: error: 'myTest' was not declared in this scope

the main purpose of this thing is to get the Z_Osc library to work on my Arduino Uno board with the Ethernet shield. What am I missing here? Thanks

doing_something.cpp:1:18: error: Test.h: No such file or directory

What's so hard to understand about this message? Solve this one first. The rest will take care of themselves.

Hi Paul, the thing is…the file is there. So don't quite get it. I've now tried the Z_Osc pde files. I've got Z_SimpleRecieve and Z_SimpleSend to work but the Z_OSC_Test.pde and the genuine Arduino (from the troubleshooting example) Test/doing_something.pde just doesn't work and keeps saying "doing_something.cpp:1:18: error: Test.h: No such file or directory". Though it's there and other pde files will compile (it means that the acces is at least correct). If there are any clues to that I'd be very gratefull.

The IDE copies files to a temporary location (you can compile without even saving). The file being there isn't enough. It has to know it is there. Make a new tab in the IDE (top RH corner) and add the file in question (take care you don't overwrite it). Then when it compiles it knows to copy this file to the temporary location.