Compiling Sketch Question

How would I go about (if it’s possible) creating a compiled sketch to upload to the Arduino?

So as to make it as easy as possible for a user to update their Arduino.

Freman, could you say a little more about what problem you are trying to solve.

I’d like to compile the sketch, email it to someone else and have them ‘update’ their arduino with the received file.

The file you need to email is the Intel Hex file founding the sketches applet subdirectory, it has the same name as the sketch but with the extension .hex

The arduino environment uses avrdude to upload this file to the board. I have little direct experience with it but google should provide enough information to help you understand what needs to happen to get the received file loaded.

good luck

The recipient could upload the .hex file using avrdude from the command line.

The arduino IDE compiles a sketch as part of the "upload" process.

There's really no need to send anything other than a sketch, unless you're trying to hide your code.