Completely Removing Drivers

So i'm having an issue the arduino driver is conflicting with my lego mindstorms nxt driver... and the only way to fix it is to completely remove the arduino one however uninstalling the arduino software didn't remove the driver and I have no clue how to remove it

Whenever I have to change the IDE or anything associated with it I use REVO uninstaller set for advanced and delete all it finds.

Then I do a registry clean up with WISE registry cleaner again letting it select all.

After that I also check for and delete the user folder usually in C:\Users\AppData\Local\Arduino15 (windows)

You can also manually delete drivers (windows) by going into device manager with your Arduino plugged in and selecting the correct com port, right click and uninstall. ( remove the arduino during the uninstall !)

A reboot is always useful after these steps.

If you want to be 100% certain you can always do a full registry search for "Arduino" to nail any stray remnants.

If its for apple or linux then somebody else will have to step in here.

Thank you I will try that now :)

I got it to work by plugging in the nxt and uninstalling the conflicting driver it was given thank you for your help


Here are the steps in case any one is have this problem

1: Connect your nxt and power it on

2: Open device manager and rind your nxt (It will be under Ports and be named Bossa program port)

3: Right click it and select properties

4: Go to the driver tab and select update driver

5: Select find driver from local computer

6: Select find driver from list of installed drivers

7: Select the nxt driver