Component List

Hey all!

As I am sure many you are aware, it is the middle of winter and that means...well..boredom. I have a friend who recently got me interested in the Arduino project, and I believe it can be my saviour from the cold. He is a much more experienced developer and even designs and sells his own PCB's. I am not looking to get this involved, but I am looking to start a little project of my own.

I am basically approaching this with no knowledge at all, but I didn't need to tell you that in order for you to know.

What I am trying to achieve is adding motor control to my IGUS slider, the mechanics side will not be an issue. But I would love to know what I will need to have for the electronics side of it. I want to be able to control the stepper motor speed with a potentiometer (slider sensor).

I basically need help know all the components I will need. (ie. Resistors, breadboards, soldering supplies, battery packs, arduino shield)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is what the slider looks like by the way.

What's the motor like on that?

Thanks for the reply.

No motor yet. I guess I will need a recommendation for a stepper motor as well.

I see everything from 4V - 12V online, I am not sure as to which would fit my need. The platform is going to be fitted with a video head for my camera. All together probably need to move 4-7 pounds at varying speeds. I want to control the speed with a slider, I think this will allow me to ease in and out of the slide.

Some time ago I had developed a simple controller for a 3D scanner:

Take a look on it and you will find some useful hints for your application. Simply omit all what deals with the laser and you have a translation stage controller.

A more powerful motor driver than the EasyDriver could be the Pololu board: