Conflict using TLC library for LED fades and servo

I have a project where I am using an Arduino Nano along with (3) TLC5940 chips to drive 40 LEDs in a fading pattern. I now would like to incorporate a 180 degree servo. I see that the servo library disables PWM on Digital Pins 9 & 10. Is there any option to reallocate this function to Digital Pins 5 & 6 and would that be the only issue I would run into? Would I need to declare a second frequency? Is there another option to control a servo without adding a second board? I was considering a 555 timer chip, but the reports I read say that it is not very smooth. Thanks in advance.

So you have 48 channels of TLC5940 PWM output for your LEDs. What are you using PWM on Pin 9 and Pin 10 for???

Pin 9 is used for XLAT and Pin 10 for BLANK wired to the TLC5940 chips