Connect Audio Interface and Iphone using arduino as bridge

Hi all

I was taking a look at the pedalino project (link below) that uses arduino to make a MIDI BLE foot controller and, since i already have a USB sound card I thought about mixing 2 projects in one and get a fully functional stompbox that has BLE midi controller for the effects and also it's able to power the sound card and re-route the digital audio signal to an iPhone or PC

The pedalino Project can be found here

and what i'm trying to achieve with the arduino 2560 from the Pedalino project (or any other arduino midi ble project) is this:

Youtube Video explaining the connection

using this

Basically the arduino would be used to replace the above cable and send power to the Sound Card while sending the audio to the Iphone/Ipad/PC through a USB cable. I don't want to rely on that cable while i can use any lightning/USB or USB/USB cable while saving money and space putting all the necessary elements in the same enclosure

Hardware information

Apple adaptor

Behringer Audio Interface

Any ideas are welcome and for all those who got to the end, thank you for reading :slight_smile: