connect new raspberry HQ camera

I would like to know if anyone have tried to connect the new HQ camera and I it was successful.

I don't know about the I2C configuration since there is no complete datasheet, the only info I found is this where there is several functions modes:

linux/crl_imx477_master_configuration.h at clearlinux.4.14 · konradwilk/linux · GitHub.


Anyone?,the MKRvidor forum seems a little bit dead…

For now tried to configure the I2C with the next code taken from purisame and edited to send the IMX477 configuration but no clock is present from mipi interface after program the FPGA…

The I2C address should be “1A” from the schematics:

But in the raspberry if I connect the camera and enable the I2C bus 0 I have the address 64…(also tried this address but nothing)

and the I2C speed assume 400Khz…

I’m using the configuration for 656_512 mode after send the I2C commands in onetime_init_regset_master

See code attached:

imx477.txt (17.1 KB)

If you have an oscilloscope you could check the mipi clock lane to see if it’s active. If there’s no clock ,the register sets are bad. Otherwise, the clock could be too fast for the FPGA (fmax ~ 600-700 MHz I think) and you can manually lower the speed by adjusting the register sets based on the datasheet.

I don't have an oscilloscope.. but got signal-tap:

Google Photos

what do you think?. Still I'm not sure if my I2C setup is correct.

From that picture it seems device didn't respond for that address. NACK for address is that there isn't any device with that address in bus.

For rare chips like some oled displays drivers have weird thing that you can configure these to not send NACK/ACK (I think these had SPI/I2C functionality in same IP. so they use one pin for input and one for output. in I2C these have to be connected but in design was disconnected)