Connect Raspberry Pi to Arduino IoT Cloud

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to create an IoT project with two Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 and one Raspberry Pi.
The Arduinos are connected to the IoT Cloud and are able to communicate. I'm struggling to understand how to connect the Raspberry to the IoT Cloud.
What I'm trying to reach is to make the two Arduino send commands to Raspberry and receive outputs from it.
I've already configured it and is connected correctly to the Arduino Manager for Linux.

Is there any way to connect the Raspberry to the Arduino IoT Cloud in the same way of the Arduinos?

Thank you!

just thinking aloud here — if the Arduino and RPi are on the same network, why would you go through IoT Cloud for sending commands and getting results? can't you handle that just locally without a round trip to the cloud?

indeed otherwise it's through Setup a Linux device but I've never used it..

Thank you for the super fast answer!

I would like to use the cloud because of his friendly dashboard and mobile app.

I already tried the setup you linked and it worked, but when you setup the Raspberry following this method, it opens up the Arduino manager for Linux which seems a different platform than the IoT Cloud...
On the IoT Cloud when I try to add a Device you can only select Arduino boards, ESP32 and LoRaWAN. :confused:

Not sure what you expect.

are you developing code on the RPi using Arduino's IoT cloud APIs ?

for example in Python: arduino-iot-client · PyPI