connect with RN-42 directly??

hello guys. i recently bought this bluetooth module : with no breakout board. just the module. i want to connect it with the arduino, so i can enstablish a simple com port comunication ..

but i cant seem to get it to work!! i conect the power and the ground (3.3v). i connect the bleuttoth tx with arduino rx and arduino tx with bluetooth rx (via a voltage devider, to have 3.3v)

my code is like this :

void setup() { // initialize the serial communication: Serial.begin(9600); delay(500); }

void loop() {

Serial.println("the thing i want to print"); delay(10); }

i have installed the bluetooth device on my pc, but when i open a serial monitor, nothing hapens... (the Tx and rx leds of the arduino dosent light up)

any advice?? or any guidence?? thanks in advance!!

I can’t open that link (issue on my end). Does that module have an antenna?
You might want to go to Roving Networks and check out some of the documentation for the RN-42.

well. the module is that: just like that. do i need to build a breakout board???

If i connect a LED to PIO2 (wich goes high when the coection is established), then the LED will turn on as soon as i open the terminal (tera term.) wich indicates that i do have a connection. only problem is, the arduino is not sending anything...

solved. the problem was that the serial.begin sould be at 115200 baud rate. not 9600 ! thanks anyway!!