Connecting 2 arduino pro minis via two BlueSmirfs?


I just bought 2 Arduino Pro Mini boards and 2 BlueSmirf Gold chips, but I have no idea on how to make them communicate with each other without having a PC to bridge this communication.

I have read about configuring BlueSmirfs to work as masters or slaves. But I could not find any good reliable step by step "tutorial" on how to do it.

At my University, our teachers said it is not possible, but I already found many forums where they say it is possible, but how!??

So the ideal would be to have these BlueSmirfs connected to each Arduino Mini board and they should detect each other, pair, and communicate at anytime and anywhere.

I hope someone can help, and thanks in advance!

I have a bluesmirf silver, not gold, but i'm pretty sure it can only pair with a PC.

Those are from sparkfun- right? Send a note to them and ask if you can do it with the gold.

EDIT: OOPS - my mistake. They do work peer-to-peer:

LoL, yeah I was surprised with your first answer too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the link, I took a look at it, but is not very usefull for me, I would need some kind of very clear step by step well explained process from the begining to the end.

I posted in their forum too... crossing fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

No help yet!??

Ok, I have spent the last week searching all over the internet to find out how make this work, since nobody can help me, i will post what i found which might help someone in the future.

I found a way to connect to various Bluetooth devices via PC by using this Processing code, haven't tested it yet though:

But I would like the Bluesmirfs to find each other and connect without any PCs in the middle.

Please help. :cry: