Connecting a 4-20 mA pressure transductor

Hi everyone,
I'm new using arduino. And for my beginning i would like to make a air pressure control, but Arduino Uno has analogic inputs 0-5 Volts type and my pressure trasductor has an output 4-20 mA type and need to be feeded with 24 Vdc.
I´m not sure if there is any way to make this works.


Hi sebastianc

These may help:,21813.0.html,167973.0.html,105703.0.html



As simple as 24V to the sensor, and a 250 ohm resistor between the sensor and ground. The voltage dropped across a 250 ohm resistor from 4 to 20mA is 1V to 5V.

A 220 ohm resistor and a 100 ohm potentiometer can trim it to 5V at 20mA.

There are more complex ways to remove the offset.