Connecting a Photoelectric Swith to an Arduino Uno


I’m pretty new to Arduino and the world of eletronics in general, I’ve done a few basic projects such as Lighting up LED’s but mostly I am just learning as I go. I have a project that involves an Arduino Uno getting input from a Photoelectric Sensor. I’ve attached an image. I’m not sure how to go about connecting them. Do I just put the output wire into the appropriate spot on the Arduino? Do I need a resistor? If so what type?

As far as the sensor goes here are the specs:

Work Voltage : DC 12-24V;Supply Voltage : DC 24-240V ±10% AC 24-240V ±10%50/60Hz;
Relay Output : AC 250V 3A (Max),DC 5V 10mA(Min)

Thanks for any help!

Is there a datasheet for this?

It looks like you'd power one side with 12V and the other with 5V. You'd monitor the output from the 5V section with an I/O pin. A 1K series resistor would keep the Arduino safe if the pin were set to an output instead of an input.

I'd check to make sure the output really is 5V before connecting (through a resistor) to the Arduino.

Yes, I have attached the data sheets (I have the E3JK sensor) . Are you saying the 5v supply should be hooked up to run the arduino?


70178053.pdf (327 KB)

PH-185.pdf (563 KB)