connecting infrared receiver to mic jack

hello I have a 5v ir receive that I would like to connect to the compute to analyze ir signals
what resistors should I use? how would the circuit look like and where is the "ground" on a computer?
-uknown ir receiver but has 3 legs 5v GND data
im guessing I should connect the GND to GND and the data to the mic jack and just ignore the 5v pin since i'll get that to the data pin anyways?

You could wire up a mic jack and look at the signal using Visual Analyzer from

Supply your receiver with 5V and GND, bring the Data and GND into the sound card input.
I would the data thru a voltage divider to make sure it is a low level until you have the scope working and can determine what levels your sound will take. I would imagine no more than 1V.

  1. thank you very much for helping me
  2. I dont really udnerstand how to cross 2 lines to the same slot
  3. since all I need is the data can I connect the 5v and gnd to the 5v and gnd slots on arduino and then connect only the data to the mic jack through a resistor? if so what resistor should I be using?

I connected the GND to arduino GND and 5v to 5v(obviously + to -)
and the output to the mic jack but it didnt work it just made the receiver warm up
the setup is correct what did I do wrong?

Where did the arduino come from? That is not what you asked about.
Disconnect all that and post a detailed, clear, picture of your unknown IR receiver and any markings that are on it.

I dont have a camera around right now but it looks just like this:

and it says on top of it:BT38R 920
I know for sure that it works on 5v, and what which pin is for and that it works on the frequencies I want because I have already used it to get the hex commands from my remote
all I need is to see how many usec is every bit so I can code the protocol into the irremote library and send a command
for which I need my computer for as I understand
anyhow, how do I connect it to my computer?