Connecting to arduino with gprs\3g router

hello, I have arduino+ethernet shield that works as a webserver (works great with regular adsl router),

now I want it to be on a remote place, so I bought a 2g\3g cellular router with ethernet port, but I cant get to the actual server (although I set up a ddns and dmz).

anyone has any idea how can I connect to the "cellular cloud" and go direct to the router (and the arduino)?

or any other idea\products that can do that? my current router is just some chinese model..

If you want to connect in from the internet you need to know the IP of your server, or of the router. If you have ddns setup, I'd have thought you would be able to find that out by DNS assuming you know the domain name that you are using. You would also need to have a route opened up through the various firewalls along the way - they would probably not be opened up by default and you should think twice about opening them since your system will then be open to attack.

Is Chinese Router model E-lins H685 ?