Connecting Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module to Arduino Uno to Wifi

Hi everyone,

I am really a newbie in Arduino’s world and I have just done a few little projects to have fun.

Now I am stepping up a little bit and as every newbie, I am experiencing some trouble.

My project would be to automate my blinders in my house using an Ultrasonic Distance sensor which will monitor the position of my blinders, sending through wifi (or low power Bluetooth…evaluating both alternatives) data to an Arduino UNO (not sure about this one either) which will be inserted in my wall plugs which again will be connected to my google home assistant through a ESP8266 wifi module.

The desired result would be that I tell my google home assistant to: “Close the Blinders”, “Bliders Half-way”, “Blinders number%” and so on, so that the UNO would receive the information and compare it to the data it has from the ultrasonic sensor, adjusting then the blinders to the desired position.

I don’t have yet a full code I can share as I only need (for now…) advice on the components and hardware to use.

So far I have only connected the ultrasonic sensor directly to the UNO to play around, now the main question is:

How can I connect the sensor to the UNO through a wireless connection? What modules shall I use?

I also am attaching some pictures in order for you to understand better how I imagine the whole thing would look like.

Hope everything is clear and thanks in advance for your help.

Blinders? Do you mean blinds?

Ops. Yes. Sorry!

Why not correct your post?

The ultrasonic sensor must be connected directly to an Arduino. The Arduino could send the data to a second Arduino wirelessly if required, but are multiple Arduinos truly necessary for this project?

I suggest you try your idea in the picture using the components you have now. I do not expect you will find that the sensor will work well enough for this purpose.