Connecting UNO pins 7 & 8 to perfboard

On the Arduino UNO there is a gap between pins 7 & 8, and another between pins A0 & Vin. In the case of 7 & 8, the gap means that the sockets do not match with adjacent pins mounted in a perfboard; A0 & Vin will match 2 of three pins in a perfboard.

Assuming I want to make a shield from perfboard to fit a UNO, and that I need to use pins 7 & 8, I have something of a problem.

I am not going to ask why the UNO pins are spaced that way, they just are - that's all. What I would like to know is how I can get around the problem.


It was a design error, but some say it was done on purpose.

You can make an interface header by bending pins so things fit.

You can buy pre-bent pins.



Sparkfun used to carry pre-bent headers, I can't find them now.

Or you can make a wiring harness with duPont pins as shown.


You can make an interface header by bending pins so things fit.

You can buy pre-bent pins.

DIY shield for Arduino : ID 187 : $6.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Sadly, if you follow that link you will find that they are 'discontinued'.
I guess it's a case of pin bending.

Thanks, although it is a bit of a nark of a fault, isn't it. I am surprised that any solution is so ad hoc. I am only a beginner and I guess I expect too much. :-\

Search for "Arduino ProtoShield" on ebay.
They are about $2 incl freight.

On ebay.

or search ebay for arduino pcb

Tom.. :slight_smile:

Thanks Wawa and TomGeorge.

Trouble is that I want to make a shield not a UNO and the Arduino protoshield does not allow enough space for the peripherals. In this case (I need to connect up a nRF24L01 RF PCB and a Red Wings power supply), I can get away with re-assigning CE and CSN of the nRF20L01 to pins 9 & 10, but I am interested in what happens if someone wants to use pins between 8 & 13 and also pins between 0 & 7?

Our issue here is correcting the alignment of pins 7 & 8 to a standard perfboard. It's a fair bet that someone has come across the problem. If you have, please share your solution with us mere mortals :wink: .

What about this technique

Thanks Grumpy_Mike

The half-way holes are my solution.

The odd connector spacing explained:

Wow oqibidipo

There's a bit of history!


Amazon has a nice 10 pack of UNO proto boards. I bought a pack last week and they are very nice. I build a nice Voltage, Temperature and Light sensor array, complete with separate pin header for sensor leads. I used stacking headers to put an SD Logging shield in between the UNO and my proto board.

You can find a 'shifting trick' here: