Connecting WiFi a camera and sensors

Hi Everyone

I've been working on a little security system for a while now. I have it so that when an ultrasound sensor trips a siren and some flashing lights go off - fairly simple. I would like to achieve the following:

AND/OR Ultrasound sensor and PIR sensor detect intruder > Lights and siren > IP camera records to either cloud or HDD connected to router > 15mins after event, system resets, recording stops.

  • For all times, I want to access a live feed from the camera over the internet - but it should not be recording and the alarm should not be going off.

Basically I'd appreciate some input into choosing the hardware. This tutorial is pretty close to what I'm after but they use a Yun, while I'd rather use an Uno and a CC3000 breakout:

The way I see it I will need (or already have): * An Uno to control sensors, and control the IP camera? * Decent IP camera, one that handles the video stream as the arduino can't * A CC3000 to establish communication between the arduino and the IP camera and the internet * Sensors, lights and siren

This has been done before in many slight variations, I just not sure if I'm doing it right, am I on the right path? Are there obvious problems with my approach?


It's okay to let the camera do its work (sending stream...), and let the Arduino do the simpler things.