Connection between arduino and l298n driver

i want to run a robot and because arduino is on the robot i can use sub or adapter for power supply and i see 2 different connections for power of arduino in the internet

and the second one :

now my question is that which on is a right wiring and for each one how much volts is needed for

The first setup doesn't work at all. It has never worked. Using a PP3 battery.
The second will hardly work using the old voltage waisting L298. Change to a MOSFET based driver.

thanks partner but what if i use 6 AA 1.5 volts for the first one ??
or the 2nd ?

and does this connections damage arduino uno board??

The first wiring is bad. It shows a wire from driver +5 to UNO Vin. Completly wrong.
If the driver board produces 5 volt it should be connected to UNO 5 Volt pin.

The second drawing can work with 6 * 1.5 volt batteries.

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