Connection UART between 2 Arduino's

Guys, Anybody knows how to connect between Two Arduino's with pin UART (TXD, RXD)?

Recently, I only try to connect Two Arduino's with I2C Connection

Which 2 Arduinos? Do you want to retain the ability to upload programs and debug through the USB Serial port?

because on I2C port (Pin SDA and SCL) are used to connect to the LCD with I2C module. Anybody has solution for this?

I2C is a bus. Many devices (including Arduinos) can be connected to the bus as long as each device has a unique address.

It would help a lot if you would describe what you want to do in detail.

but the port for using I2C are used for LCD. Last time.

OK. Last time. You did not read the page that I linked. If you make no effort, why should I?

When the hardware UART Ports of the two UNOs are permanently engaged with their respective Serial Monitors, the software UART Ports could be created to establish asynchronous communication between the UNOs.

i'm sorry.. and thank you for answer my question..